Relocatable Game or ParaPark OffSite


If the team won't come to the  escape game then the escape game must go to the team!

ParaPark OffSite is the new generation of escape games for corporate team buildings and family days! The relocatable escape game is the new solution of teambuildings. The ParaPark OffSite can be set up almost at any place!

Why ParaPark OffSite is different from regular room escape games?

It’s relocatable! ParaPark OffSite is the first relocatable escape game! It makes possible to help companies or bigger group of friends to experience the flow almost at any place they want. 
Opening the secret giant chests of ParaPark OffSite players will face challenges that has connection not just to each other but for the other secret chests as well. A team can accomplish the achievements and solve the puzzles and riddles if they share all the information they find and the go further as a coordinated team. 

To say it clear they have to act as a real team not just a group of people.

What are the technical requirements of ParaPark OffSite?

The technical requirements are very simple. We just need a ~30m2 room or an outside covered area, electricity and some tables. All the rest is given by us.


How many players can play in the same time?

In the regular game teams can be as large as 20 players but after each other several teams can play. In this case the game takes about 60 mins. With this solution 100-120 players can take part of the game in a day. This is the perfect solution for teambuildings.
The other opportunity is to play the 4 secret chests separated. In this case one team can be max 5 players and play with one chest. With the 4 chests 4 different teams can play in the same time. These small groups can complete one game in about 15 mins. With this solution 400-500 players can be involved to the game in one day. This kind of game flow fits very good to the requirements of family days or bigger corporate events.


How to get more information and how can I order?

To be able to give you the most relevant offer we need the basic data of your event like place, length, number of players or guests etc. Please send these data in e-mail and we will contact you via phone if we have any further question or we will send you our personalized price offer as soon as possible.


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