ParaPark Christmas Voucher

2019. 11. 06.

parapark, christmas, voucher, gift card


The Christmas vouchers for this year are ready to order! 

Moreover you can take the most familiar to your taste out of the 3 different type of vouchers.
Just like in the previous years our vouchers also have a longer validity so you have time to use it till end of next year.

The Christmas present is brought by the Elves

so called Christmas Voucher 2018

If you wanna give a really playful giftcard then our newest one is just for you. It will surely warm anyone's heart with its playful graphic design. If you wanna hand it over in an elegant way put it into a colorful envelope. 
Size: LA4, ie. 21x10 cm

The second one is already known from last year

so called Christmas Voucher - Noir

Although our Noir style voucher doesn't follows the common Christmas atmosphere it was pretty popular last year. The A4 size voucher folded to 3 parts exactly fits to an LA4 envelope that we suggest in gold or yellow colour. 

Our classic gift card can be folded to an envelope so the present is double playful

so called Christmas vouchaer - Classic

The classic ParaPark Christmas voucher also available this year. Its elegant style mixed with some playful feature. The printed voucher can be folded to an envelop pretty much simple. Ok-ok, maybe not so simple but we try to help you ;) In case of the small pictograms on the voucher are not clear enough check out here how we do it.

We Wish You a Merry Christmass