Would you lock your boss or colleagues in? Organize a special team building in the ParaPark basement!

Organize a special team building in the ParaPark basement! We will lock you up unmercifully, and you will be able to open the doors only if you work in a proper team. You will need everybody's help to escape! A repairman for the technical stuff, an IT manager for computer tasks, an engineer to calculate, an assistant to take notes, not to mention that it is no harm if an executive leads the team.

We can't guarantee that, as a side effect of being locked up, these roles won't mix up, but you will surely know in 60 minutes what strengths the others have, who is a real team player and who is an odd fish deep in his thoughts.

teambuilding escape game

The maximum number of players at a time are 3x5, i.e. 15 persons, while the others can bet with each other on the winner having a beer at a nice Bar in the neighborhood. Consecutive teams may cross the doorstep in app. every 75 minutes to think about nothing else but their escape for the next 60 minutes.

If you can't find an available date in our booking system suitable for you, or you have special requests, do not hesitate to contact us via Phone or e-mail. 

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