General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of MaKi Escape GmbH from 01.04.2020


It is agreed between MaKi Escape GmbH (Riemenschneiderstrasse 51, 90766 Fürth , 'the operator'), the operator of ('the website') and the users of the services offered on this website ('users'):



 During reservation or voucher order, the user enters the following data:

First and last name

E-mail address

Phone number

The user must accept the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy to complete the reservation or Giftcard order

The operator is not responsible for any problems caused by incorrect information during the reservation or giftcard purchase process.

The data provided during the reservation or giftcard purchase process will be used by the operator to identify the user and to prepare the invoice. In the event that the user has additionally opted for the newsletter service (see point 2), the data provided by the user, in addition to the above purposes, can also be used for sending information in the form of the newsletter.

A reservation or purchase of vouchers from the operator via the homepage, by telephone or in person always constitutes a binding purchase contract in accordance with the German Civil Code (BGB).



Personal data may be deleted by the operator at any time or upon express revocation of the user. ( See Privacy Policy)



During the reservation or giftcard purchase, the operator offers the user the opportunity to register for the newsletter service and to inform him continuously about special promotions, news, promotions and new information about all offers of MaKi Escape GmbH.

The use of the newsletter service as well as the provision of the necessary data is optional at all times.

The operator maintains a data collection with the data provided by the users. Data stored there may only be passed on to third parties with the user's prior consent.

In accordance with the Privacy Policy 2002/58/EC (Privacy Policy for electronic communications), the personal data provided by the user will only be used for purposes closely related to the website.

The user can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time free of charge and without justification


The reservation process can only be initiated for periods for the free slots shown on the website.

In the event of a successful reservation, the operator will send the user an e-mail to the e-mail address specified in the registration process. This e-mail includes:

Name of the Room

Date and time


A game costs

2 players           79€
3-5 players       99€
6 players           119€

This does not apply to special discounts, discounts, special promotions and individually agreed prices. The operator will send a reservation confirmation e-mail and a payment request with the information provided in the booking process. 

The fee must be payed with the choosen payment method in advance to the operator's account.

In case of a cash payment is selected, the fee must be paid in cash on site right before the game.

An appointment booking via the website of the operator, by telephone or on site always constitutes a binding purchase contract between the operator and the user



In principle, the user does not have the right of withdrawal in the case of an appointment booking in accordance with Section 312 g (2) No. 9 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

However, the user has the possibility to cancel the booked appointment free of charge up to 48 hours before the booked date directly in the reservation portal. The operator makes this possibility available for goodwill until revocation.

If the user cancels the booking less than 48 hours before the booked date, or he does not appear at the booked date, he will be charged the full amount of the reservation.


Goods purchased from the operator on site, such as board games or accessories, can be returned by the user within 8 days from the date of purchase without giving reasons in the unopened original condition. A voucher is issued to the user via the corresponding value. Cash payment is not possible.

In the case of goods purchased online via the operator's website (board games, accessories), the statutory right of withdrawal of 14 days applies.



If the operator is unable to offer the booked times for technical or other reasons, the booking will be cancelled. Depending on the user's request, a new appointment will be made available or the full amount will be refunded.
If the operator has to cancel or abandon the game in order to comply with applicable legal regulations and this is the fault of the user, there is no entitlement to a refund, credit or a replacement date.
This applies in particular to regulations resulting from the corona pandemic. The user must be timely and inform yourself comprehensively about these and inform the operator. The cancellation conditions of MaKi Escape GmbH apply.



The user may submit requests for changes regarding his booking to the operator at any time.

However, changes to the room, date and time booked can only be offered by the operator upon availability

Changes to the number of players may be made by the operator at any time. If the change in the number of players results in a price reduction, the difference can not be paid out for bookings already paid. Here, however, the operator offers to issue a voucher or voucher code for the corresponding amount.

This can be redeemed at the next booking within 6 months from the creation and charged with the invoice amount.

If the user does not accept the above-mentioned change conditions, he is free  
to cancel his booking at any time in compliance with the cancellation policy of MaKi Escape GmbH (see 4).




It is possible to purchase a Voucher on the operator’s website. During the purchase the user must enter same data like for reservation written in 1.1.

Unless otherwise agreed, tÜbersetzung in Englisch. he voucher can be used for all rooms of ParaPark Fürth. The respective expiration date or creation date is indicated on the voucher. Vouchers from the operator are valid for 2 years within the scope of the legal requirements (Section 195,199 BGB). The limitation period for vouchers is 2 years.
 Voucher codes are deactivated after 12 months in the operator's system for security reasons and can be reactivated by e-mail to

Each voucher can only be used once during its validity period.

It is not possible to renew an expired validity.

If a voucher has been used to pay for a discounted or cheaper booking or service, the difference is non-refundable or eligible.

Withdrawal or return of a voucher is not possible.

Vouchers, which are provided free of charge to the user as part of promotions or other advertising purposes, are exempt from the statutory provisions. The validity period is determined by the operator and can either be taken from the voucher or contacted the operator.


ParaPark is a seminar for groups in playful form based on the principles of flow theory.

Each participant participates in the game at their own risk. No liability is assumed for self-inflicted accidents due to non-compliance with the rules of the game. The participant is also free to carry his or her wardrobe and personal belongings with him during the game or to store them in the publicly accessible waiting room. No custody agreement is concluded between the participant and MaKi Escape GmbH. Liability for this is therefore excluded.

The minimum age for active participation in the operator's offer is 12 years. However, it is at the discretion of the accompanying adult whether a child is suitable for the game. In the case of participants under 14 years of age, at least 1 adult person is mandatory as an accompanying person, depending on the margin of manoeuvre. A corresponding age limit can be seen in the detailed game description or to be asked to the operator.

Participation under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances is prohibited.

Persons who are afraid of confinement, suffer from epilepsy, severe asthma and contagious diseases, or who fear that participation in the game could worsen their condition, are asked not to participate in the game. Liability of the operator for damages of any kind caused by the failure to comply with this recommendation is excluded.

Each participant must inform himself in good time before the booked date about the possibilities ofarrival and have directions to our premises. Please also pay attention to the information in the booking confirmation email.

In the event of a delay of more than 10 minutes at the booked time, it is no longer possible to start the game. In this case, the amount paid cannot be repaid. It is recommended to be on site about 15 minutes before the appointment to avoid delays in the game operation

Photo and video recordings within the margins are prohibited.

Smoking and open fire is prohibited throughout the premises.

The maximum duration of the game is one hour. It is not possible to extend this period.

8.11 The game may be terminated voluntarily by the participants at any time. However, it is not possible to refund the amount.

Participation in the briefing is mandatory.

In the event of non-compliance with the rules of play and conduct set out by the staff in thebriefing, we reserve the right to cancel the game. In this case, the invoice amount cannot be refunded or invoiced in full.

Damage to property caused by improper use of the goods may be claimed against the polluter.

No items may be used during the Game unless they are necessary for the health and well-being of the participant.

Legal Notice: By participating in an event at ParaPark or other offers of MaKi Escape GmbH, you agree, upon revocation, that images of you can be broadcast, distributed, in particular in media and made publicly accessible and perceptible on individual request-even commercially. This includes, among other things, the publication of the "Team Photo", which is made publicly available for download in our online galleries, such as Instagram, Facebook, other social media platforms and on our homepage until revocation.

Übersetzung in Englisch. 



9.1 The operator may change its general terms and conditions at any time as part of updates or legal changes. Changes will be announced on the operator's website with a notice period of 30 days before they enter into force. The user is free to object to the changes and have his data deleted by the operator A reservation or voucher purchases made after the change announcement is made after the change announcement is a consent to the changes.



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